DFCF and Energy Access

Since 2015, DFCF has focused on energy access and clean energy solutions, especially in developing countries and less advantaged communities.

DFCF and DF Impact Capital offer investments, loans, and grants to companies or projects that are focused on solutions to energy access and energy poverty, with an emphasis on solar and other renewable energy technologies.

DFCF provides financial support typically in the range of $50-150K and up to $500K.

We are actively seeking opportunities where patient capital, a smaller loan or investment, and less bureaucratic or burdensome reporting and documentation, can be a catalyst to support management or to start a project or to expand an opportunity.

Companies that are supported by DFCF and DF Impact Capital:

(South Sudan)

SunGate Solar Solutions  (South Sudan)

SunGate is a solar design, installation, and service company committed to improving conditions in South Sudan through the delivery of sustainable solar energy for private, public, and commercial customers.

DFCF is a founding investor in SunGate and has been actively involved in the management of SunGate via Board participation, financial management, and strategic and technical support.



Sparkmeter (Global)

SparkMeter is a smart-meter technology company that provides complete smart grid solutions tailored to utilities operating in emerging markets.

DFCF has participated on the Board of Sparkmeter since 2018.


(Bangladesh and India)

SOLshare (Bangladesh and India)

SOLshare has developed a solution (meters and software) that interconnects solar home systems, monetizing excess solar energy in real time with mobile money and empowering rural communities to earn a direct income from the sun.


Navajo Power (USA)

Navajo Power is a Public Benefit Corporation that develops utility-scale clean energy projects on tribal lands, and maximizes the economic benefits for local communities.


(Haiti and Global)

EarthSpark International (Haiti and Global)

EarthSpark builds energy-related business models that expand opportunity for people living in hard-to-reach places. In Haiti, EarthSpark is a microgrid developer and operator, currently expanding from 2 to 24 grids.


SunWealth (USA)

SunWealth offers investment and loan funds to support development of solar energy projects to provide businesses, municipalities and community organizations with access to affordable solar power while creating powerful social, environmental and financial returns.



SHYFT Power Solutions (Nigeria)

SHYFT has developed an IoT technology to support effective integration of solar and storage systems. SHYFT’s solution drives solar and battery adoption and enables widespread access to clean, reliable and affordable energy.




Gree New Energy (Indonesia)

Gree New Energy develops, finances, builds and operates biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia, that not only treat industrial wastewater and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also turn environmental liabilities into clean energy, organic fertilisers and other commodities for rural communities.


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