Sustainable Agriculture / Small Farmers / Food Security

DFCF funds a range of organizations that are working globally to support sustainable and regenerative agriculture, small farmers, and healthy food systems.

DFCF supports the following organizations on an ongoing basis:


(El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia)

Agroecology Fund


Foodshed Capital


Groundswell International

(Haiti, Central America)

DFCF’s impact investment strategy also includes many investments that are also focused on sustainable agriculture, supporting small farmers, and developing healthy food systems.


(El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia)



Ejido Verde




Foodshed Capital


4P Foods


Grow Impact

(Global / Southeast Asia)

Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT


Mad Capital


NESsT Fund

(Amazon Region)

One Acre Fund


Perennial Fund


Root Capital

(Latin America, Africa)

The Reciprocity Fund

(Latin America, Asia)

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